Every four years, all we care about is the presidential election, and that seems to be the only time we even bother to care about what is going on in the world of politics and whatnot. Other times, people don’t exactly seem to care about what is happening, and that is not good because we should all be updated as to what is happening in the political system because that is what is governing our civilizations. Governments run because of the major decisions that are taken by powerful politicians and that are the way it has been ever since hundreds of years, especially in the United States Of America.


  • I am sure that you would have seen people posting the “I Voted Today” sticker on social media, showing off that they voted. It has become a trend nowadays and that is good that more and more people are putting effort into making sure that their voice is heard and that they are contributing to the choosing of political figures who will end up running the government and also these are the people who decide what goes on and they also take decisions that ripple through millions of lives.
  • When it comes to the American system, the President simply does not do the majority of what every single candidate says they will. The powers of the President are indeed described in the Article 2 of the US constitution. You will see that the American Presidents do not exactly have the vast majority of that many powers that most presidents claim to have.
  • For an example, you can use this, the President does not set the tax rates, and the President does not spend the money, they do not pass laws, and they do not declare wars. This is actually making it seems like they do not have any powers, but I should say that they are some of the most influential individuals on the planet.


  • Congress is actually where everything happens. The United States Congress is actually made up of the House of Representatives, and this is determined by the population and also the Senate. The powers are enumerated in Article 1 of the American Constitution.
  • The Supreme Court has been known to play as the cleanup in the legislative process. The court is indeed required to make all kinds of difficult public decisions which the legislative branch simply cannot. The Supreme Court is not exactly and will never be a genuinely non-political body. The President nominates the members and are then confirmed by the Senate.
  • The constitution does some things and does not say about a few others.