Democratic System


A political party is indeed an association which is formed by a group of individuals who have been known to share the same kind of ideas about the governance of a country. Every single citizen has been known to hold a constitutional right if they want to organize it with like-minded individuals who are also citizens if they’re going to form a political party and also to attain some common political goals. The right to actually form a political party and also to attain some common political goals is indeed really important and it is derived from the constitutional right of association, free speech and also equal protection.

It is indeed a voluntary organization of people which is formed out of free will and also the consent of those who actually created it. This party would indeed uphold certain principles when it comes to public policies of the government. They have also been known to play an essential role because they bridge or form a bridge between the governments and people as well.


Political parties actually have no factual place in the system, and as a result of the election, they also hold a place as the individuals. They indeed serve the voter and the mobilization machines during the proper time of the elections. This has also ended up to the emergence of a two-class party system with some of the parties in the parallel system and even other parties outside of it. This is indeed the case in the elections where the candidates are also very free to identify themselves as members of the party, and they are unable to play a kind of official role. Most significantly, when it comes to the current electoral system which is actually individual based the parties cannot field the lists of the candidates, and also, there are no parliamentary seats which are indeed reserved for political parties and these parties are not allowed to establish factions within the parliament.

Because of the lack of transparency, it was indeed very late when officials from the main parties try to make decisions without informing other parties and also conforming to the rules and guidelines which are set aside for them. The election commission has said that the demands of the political parties have indeed been lodged a little too late, but they will indeed put all kinds of possible measures in place because they will want to prevent any kind of electoral fraud. Without the political parties, a modern kind of representative democracy is actually not at all conceivable. Only some of the parties ensure that some of the citizens are indeed capable of acting politically and adequately.