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Some Basic Things You Should Know About Politics


Every four years, all we care about is the presidential election, and that seems to be the only time we even bother to care about what is going on in the world of politics and whatnot. Other times, people don’t exactly seem to care about what is happening, and that is not good because we should all be updated as to what is happening in the political system because that is what is governing our civilizations. Governments run because of the major decisions that are taken by powerful politicians and that are the way it has been ever since hundreds of years, especially in the United States Of America.


  • I am sure that you would have seen people posting the “I Voted Today” sticker on social media, showing off that they voted. It has become a trend nowadays and that is good that more and more people are putting effort into making sure that their voice is heard and that they are contributing to the choosing of political figures who will end up running the government and also these are the people who decide what goes on and they also take decisions that ripple through millions of lives.
  • When it comes to the American system, the President simply does not do the majority of what every single candidate says they will. The powers of the President are indeed described in the Article 2 of the US constitution. You will see that the American Presidents do not exactly have the vast majority of that many powers that most presidents claim to have.
  • For an example, you can use this, the President does not set the tax rates, and the President does not spend the money, they do not pass laws, and they do not declare wars. This is actually making it seems like they do not have any powers, but I should say that they are some of the most influential individuals on the planet.


  • Congress is actually where everything happens. The United States Congress is actually made up of the House of Representatives, and this is determined by the population and also the Senate. The powers are enumerated in Article 1 of the American Constitution.
  • The Supreme Court has been known to play as the cleanup in the legislative process. The court is indeed required to make all kinds of difficult public decisions which the legislative branch simply cannot. The Supreme Court is not exactly and will never be a genuinely non-political body. The President nominates the members and are then confirmed by the Senate.
  • The constitution does some things and does not say about a few others.

Political Party Roles In The Democratic System


A political party is indeed an association which is formed by a group of individuals who have been known to share the same kind of ideas about the governance of a country. Every single citizen has been known to hold a constitutional right if they want to organize it with like-minded individuals who are also citizens if they’re going to form a political party and also to attain some common political goals. The right to actually form a political party and also to attain some common political goals is indeed really important and it is derived from the constitutional right of association, free speech and also equal protection.

It is indeed a voluntary organization of people which is formed out of free will and also the consent of those who actually created it. This party would indeed uphold certain principles when it comes to public policies of the government. They have also been known to play an essential role because they bridge or form a bridge between the governments and people as well.


Political parties actually have no factual place in the system, and as a result of the election, they also hold a place as the individuals. They indeed serve the voter and the mobilization machines during the proper time of the elections. This has also ended up to the emergence of a two-class party system with some of the parties in the parallel system and even other parties outside of it. This is indeed the case in the elections where the candidates are also very free to identify themselves as members of the party, and they are unable to play a kind of official role. Most significantly, when it comes to the current electoral system which is actually individual based the parties cannot field the lists of the candidates, and also, there are no parliamentary seats which are indeed reserved for political parties and these parties are not allowed to establish factions within the parliament.

Because of the lack of transparency, it was indeed very late when officials from the main parties try to make decisions without informing other parties and also conforming to the rules and guidelines which are set aside for them. The election commission has said that the demands of the political parties have indeed been lodged a little too late, but they will indeed put all kinds of possible measures in place because they will want to prevent any kind of electoral fraud. Without the political parties, a modern kind of representative democracy is actually not at all conceivable. Only some of the parties ensure that some of the citizens are indeed capable of acting politically and adequately.

Watch For Breaking News on Tea Party Cancellation

On Demand audio of Blog Talk radio show Let’s Rumble with the Rabbi show this afternoon. An attorney familar with the private property agreement/covenants regarding the private property. This took place in segment two with Attorney Michael Sullivan. The covenent/agreement expired in 2004…

Julianne Thompson will be on the Glenn Beck show on Fox News at 5:40pm today to talk about the cancellation. Look for “breaking news” from her regarding the protest.

Debbie Dooley and Julianne will be guest on a Blog Talk Radio special show dedicated to the Tea Party cancellation. EDITION: “Whose Private Property Prevails in a Patriots Rally?” The ATLANTA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS Rally for the 4th of July, America’s 231st Celebration of the Declaration of Independence, was cancelled. Why? A private commercial property owner, SIMON PROPERTY GROUP, “bullied” an adjoining private property owner, George Thorndyke (Gwinnett Place Mall / Old Macy’s Building & Parking Lot) to withdraw the March, 2009 “OK” to hold the T.E.A. Party Rally on his private property. Simon Property Group spokesman acknowledges that Mr. Thorndyke’s property is not their property; however the ‘reciporical easement agreement clause,’ SIMON spokesman asserts, allows them to determine how & what events can be held on someon else’s private property that adjoins theirs. None from the main media “covered” this private property power-play outrage. The Gwinnet Daily Post (Camie Young) and Atlanta Journal Constitution (‘Political Insider’ blog by Jim Galloway) gave mention. “Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi” hosted by Rabbi Eukel will produce a SPECIAL EDITION Thursday, June 25 at 4PM CST (5PM EST). Guests are being confirmed now (Wed June 24). Email Rabbi Eukel at EUKEL @ EUKEL .us (remove the spaces, anti-spam technique) to request & confirm your “appearance” on this SPECIAL EDITION of “Ramble & Rumble with Rabbi,” hosted by Rabbi Eukel. We have contacted Les Morris, Manager of Corporate Public Relations for Simon Property Group, and many of the co-organizers of the ATLANTA TEA PARTY PATRIOTS rally. Lawyers and journalists have been invited. “Let’s Rumble with Rabbi” my American Patriots. Confmed Guests at this hour: Debbie Dooley, Julianne Thompson, John Putnam, Andrea Plunkett, Cris Kurtz, Gina Loudon, Jim Galloway and host Rabbi DF Eukel. Others who may yet confirm are being worked to confirm before we go live.

A Movement Was Born

The following is being reposted from Amy Kremer’s blog, Southern Belle Politics. She is one of the original organizers that helped start the tea party movement in February 2009 and Atlanta was one of the first cities to host a tea party.

Wow! It is hard to believe that two years ago today, the modern tea party movement was born. As someone that was there from the beginning, I cannot help but to take a trip down memory lane.

The idea for a tea party actually was thrown out to the masses by Rick Santelli when he had this rant about the mortgage meltdown on CNBC.

The following day, after the video went viral, a group of conservatives on Twitter came together using the #tcot hashtag and had a conference call. I was on that call that Friday evening, February 20th, along with twenty-one other people. The purpose of the call was to plan for simultaneous tea parties across the country one week later. We defined our success by having 10 tea parties across the nation, with 50 – 100 people in attendance at each event.

We all got busy immediately planning our tea parties. One week later, on Friday, February 27th, at 12:00 noon EST, we had 53 tea parties with approximately 30,000 people in attendance! That was nothing short of amazing! All of those tea parties happened through social media and word of mouth, with no help from traditional media.

During that week, I worked with others to plan the first ever Atlanta Tea Party. On Friday at 12:00 noon, we had a spectacular tea party rally at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.

It began raining right before the event started. The tea party lasted for an hour and as the time wore on, the rain poured down heavier and heavier. Yet, the bone chilling cold and rain did not deter people, instead they turned out in large numbers with umbrellas, rain gear and of course, their tea bags! In the end, we had 400 to 500 freedom loving Americans at the first ever Atlanta Tea Party in the pouring down rain! We even had local media cover the event and footage from the Atlanta Tea Party was shown on Greta’s show, On the Record, that evening on Fox News Channel!


Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Patriots is the hub website going forward for the National Tea Party Movement. The site is located at The site is a work in process but already has awesome functionality. For instance:
You can join the social network either by using your Facebook id or creating your own id:;=frontpage&Itemid;=4.

You can join groups within the site to learn about your local Tea Party Patriots upcoming events.

You can submit ideas you would like to see Tea Party Patriots implement. You can also comment and vote on ideas already submitted to the Idea Board.

You will still be able to get specific details about Atlanta’s Tea Party efforts at I am working to update and re-vamp the website including adding links for each of the metro counties Tea Party websites, details about July 4th, and more.

Atlanta Tea Party Cancellation Draws National Attention Again

I have also included a link to issues a Tea Party in Ohio is having from people trying to shut it down. It is interesting to see the reaction nationally from the Atlanta Tea Party cancellation.

Obama supporters shut down Atlanta tea party

Brookville Tea Party draws controversy

Simon Properties Illegally Shut Down Atlanta Tea Party

MARTA, Parking, & Transportation

Because we are expecting a very large number of people at the event, the Capitol Police are closing off several roads surrounding the Capitol to give the crowds room to gather and join in the protest. While the closing of those roads helps the event, it does create some challenges for people coming to the event by car.

Our first recommendation is that you park at one of the outer lying MARTA ( train stations and ride the train to the 5 Points Station in Atlanta. On foot, the 5 Points Station is a 4 minute walk (0.2 miles) to the Georgia State Capitol which is where the event will occur at 7 PM on April 15th. The map below shows walking directions. Point A is the 5 Points MARTA station and point B is the Georgia State Capitol.

View Larger Map

If you prefer to drive, there are several parking decks near the Capitol and throughout downtown Atlanta. Some take credit cards, but many require cash. You’ll probably need at least $20 to park for the event.

Underground Atlanta is a large retail center near the Capitol. It is directly beside the 5 Points Marta station which is shown in the map above. Underground Atlanta has ample parking and is only a 4 minute walk from the Capitol.

Some of the Counties and Cities surrounding metro Atlanta are arranging carpools and/or buses to help large groups of people get to the Atlanta Tea Party. For a list of the County Coordinators, their contact information, and details about their transportation plans please see our post from April 8 called County Coordinators and County Information.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the Atlanta Tea Party on April 15th at 7 PM at the Georgia State Capitol.